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Rent a Car Dhaka

Rent a Car Dhaka

Rent a car in Dhaka is a common service in  Bangladesh. Although it has also been a part of numerous other empires and countries throughout its history. These many influences can be observed all around this bustling city, and there are several ancient monuments to admire, including temples, palaces, and forts. It’s also one of the busiest cities in the world, so hire a vehicle in Dhaka once you’ve filled your cultural tank.

So if you love traveling and want to book a car then Naiem Enterprise, rent a car in Dhaka city is the most reliable car service in Bangladesh.

Car Hire in Dhaka City

If you’re looking for cheap and economical car hire in Dhaka city, come to us and make a reservation right now. You do not have to pay anything until you are picked up. We give rental car assistance to customers across Bangladesh. For example, we give an airport rental vehicle service to our customers.

You have the option to cancel your vacation at no cost. We constantly give our customers the greatest pricing, which is unrivaled. Reserve your vehicle with Naiem Enterprise and go on a journey around Bangladesh. Because we are the top leading hire vehicle in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we can supply you with a car and an experienced driver at a discounted rate for your trip.

You must win if you hire and rent a car from us since we do not have any hidden fees. We feel that among the hire car services in Bangladesh, we would be your ideal trip companion. Its trustworthy and the best car hire in Dhaka city and is the best reliable car service in Bangladesh.


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Online Car Booking Dhaka

Naiem Enterprise is one of Bangladesh’s most well-known car booking companies in Dhaka. We offer skilled and professional car booking services in Dhaka.

We can assist you with anything from high-end luxury cars to budget-friendly cars. It’s time to start thinking about your luxury, pleasant, and economical vacation. It provides the best automobile rental in Bangladesh. It’s the most reliable car service in Bangladesh.

Monthly Car Rental Dhaka

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, we provide a monthly car rental service. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis rental options are available. We provide a variety of automobile rental options, including private cars (Alion, Premio, X Corolla), microbuses, buses, wedding buses, pickups, covered vans, ambulances, air ambulances, and luxury cars ( Prado, BMW, Mitsubishi Pajero). When it comes to car rental in Dhaka, we are the best reliable car service in Bangladesh.

We provide a monthly Rent-A-Car service at an affordable price. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality, individualized vehicle rental service at a fair price. Starting with airport pick-up, weddings, other business events, private and corporate tours, and foreigners pick-up-drop, we have you covered. We provide a large selection of contemporary vehicles for any tour operation from Dhaka to any place in Bangladesh.


We provide on time transportation services for the entire Bangladesh specially Dhaka City.


Call us anytime, day or night, when you need a ride. it is not always during business hours!


We have been providing on time transportation for over a decade to thousands customers.

Our Available Car

Rent a car in dhaka


Hiace rental service


Tourists Bus service in dhaka

Civilian Bus

Rent a car dhaka


Hiace rental service


Car hire in dhaka


Car hire service in dhaka


Rent a car in dhaka


Prado rent a car


Ambuance service in dhaka


truck service in dhaka


Noah rent a car


Rental Service Dhaka

No matter if you have to go on a daylong tour with a group of your friends or family, or any close person of yours needs to go for a tour, hiring a car from a car rental service in Dhaka can reduce your trouble a lot in this highly populated city.

Airport Car Rental Dhaka

If you love travelling, or you have to travel frequently for business purposes, do not worry about convenience at all. We provide the best airport car rental Dhaka for making your life easy.

While travelling to airports; no matter if it is an international airport or a national airport, it always creates tension. Travelling by air creates nervousness and gives frustration to people as many people feel afraid no matter if it is a business trip or holiday trip. Moreover, the expense of the travel and the burden of bags and baggage can add additional tension.

Private Car Rental Dhaka

In case you are intending to travel inside Dhaka city, hiring a vehicle with a driver could be your most ideal alternative for the greatest use of your time. You can visit anywhere you like with our provided private car rental Dhaka and driver. No need for the issue of booking tickets and investing your significant energy in sitting tight for the transport or train.

The amount of large pressure on regular public transports makes it very hard to use in the time of need. Hiring a private car is a very convenient solution for people who love to travel. Perhaps the most densely populated urban area of the world is Dhaka. It is becoming more massively dense day by day; making it very tough to reside in, let alone travelling inside the city. This creates a very huge problem for travelling anywhere.

Car Rental Service In Dhaka

No matter if you have to go on a daylong tour with a group of your friends or family, or any close person of yours needs to go for a tour, hiring a car from car rental service in Dhaka can reduce your trouble a lot in this highly populated city. You can choose the type of transport or car, size of the car, specific date and specific time. All the required details of the car are available on our website.



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