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Rent a Car Dhaka

Rent a Car Dhaka

Rent a car in Dhaka is one of the best car rental service providers in Bangladesh. We provide experienced and professional car hire services in Dhaka Bangladesh. You can always ready on our services because that is what we are best at. Once you have explored our options, you are certainly going to love it all. Time is here to plan for your luxurious, comfortable, and affordable Best rent a car in Bangladesh with Naiem Enterprise. We strive to get you the experience of your life. So, for renting a car in Dhaka with Rent a car Dhaka, you would always be more than happy to avail of our services.

In this corona (COVID 19), situation Rent a car Dhaka provides you the best service with the best safety. We are refresh cars by medicine before and after each ride. We also equipping cars with hand sanitizer & disinfectants. The drivers will wear mask and gloves on duty times. Also, we offer Attractive prices in this situation with the best quality rental car service. Car rent in Bangladesh is made easy with Naiem Enterprise.

Car Hire in Dhaka City

Friendly service, new cars, and low prices are part of car hire in Dhaka everyday offer. Whether you are looking for Rental a car Dhaka as part of a vacation or a car hire for a special event, you will be sure to find a car to suit your needs from our wide range of economy and luxury models. As a market leader in car rental, Naiem Enterprise pride them on providing world-class service, offering flexible short- and long-term car hire, all at great prices with no hidden charges. We are looking forward to serve you with our best quality services.


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Online Car Booking Dhaka

Naiem Enterprise is one of Bangladesh’s most well-known car booking companies in Dhaka. We offer skilled and professional car booking services in Dhaka. We can assist you with anything from high-end luxury cars to budget friendly cars. It’s time to start thinking about your luxury, pleasant, and economical vacation. It  provides the best automobile rental in Bangladesh. It’s the most reliable car service in Bangladesh.

Monthly Car Rental Dhaka

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, we provide a monthly car rental service. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis rental options are available. We provide a variety of automobile rental options, including private cars (Alion, Premio, X Corolla), microbuses, buses, wedding buses, pickups, covered vans, ambulances, air ambulances, and luxury cars ( Prado, BMW, Mitsubishi Pajero). When it comes to car rental in Dhaka ,we are the best reliable car service in Bangladesh.


We provide on time transportation services for the entire Bangladesh specially Dhaka City.


Call us anytime, day or night, when you need a ride. it is not always during business hours!


We have been providing on time transportation for over a decade to thousands customers.

Our Available Car

Rent a car in dhaka


Hiace rental service


Tourists Bus service in dhaka

Civilian Bus

Rent a car dhaka


Hiace rental service


Car hire in dhaka


Car hire service in dhaka


Rent a car in dhaka


Prado rent a car


Ambuance service in dhaka


truck service in dhaka


Noah rent a car


Rental Service Dhaka

Efficient car rental services are getting not so easy, Dhaka rent a car provides efficient car rental services with minimal price with maximal efficiently. Our new car will make you happy. You will find nice condition cars with nominal price which going to make you a loyal customer and surely you will come back to us when needed.

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