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In Dhaka, Bangladesh, we provide a monthly car rental service. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis rental options are available. We provide a variety of automobile rental options, including private cars (Alion, Premio, X Corolla), microbuses, buses, wedding buses, pickups, covered vans, ambulances, air ambulances, and luxury cars ( Prado, BMW, Mitsubishi Pajero). When it comes to car rental in Dhaka ,we are the best reliable car service in Bangladesh.

Monthly Car Rental Dhaka

We provide a monthly Rent-A-Car service at an affordable price. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality, individualized vehicle rental service at a fair price. Starting with airport pick-up, weddings, other business events, private and corporate tours, and foreigners pick-up-drop, we have you covered. We provide a large selection of contemporary vehicles for any tour operation from Dhaka to anyplace in Bangladesh.

Working hard isn’t everything in life. It’s critical to take frequent breaks, relax, and allow yourself to simply enjoy a day out. We’re going out to dine, see a movie, or see a performance because it’s a special night. Shopping, either a little or a lot. These are the small pleasures in life that make us want to car hire or any vehicle in Dhaka.

Monthly Rent a Car Bangladesh

You could be paying a visit for the first time, or you might want to organize a tour for your company’s clientele. Naiem Enterprise is the ideal place to visit if you want to see the finest of Bangladesh.

Car Booking for a tour lasting up to 24 hours. Alternatively, you may alternate between various meetings during the day. Our visions, however, are not limited to Dhaka; we enable some locations to move across the country. Just let us know where you’re going.

You may be debating whether to obtain a short-term car lease or a monthly rent a car all over Bangladesh when you require temporary mobility. Although leasing a car for a month is conceivable, finding a leasing firm that would agree to it is difficult. Furthermore, the majority of one-month automobile leases involve a credit check and have set start and finish dates. The difference between monthly car rentals and leases is that you don’t have to pay for your car every month.


Monthly car rentals differ from leases in that you can rent by the month rather than by the year. Renting is usually less expensive but not in our services. We provide quality service at a reasonable price. Simply , renting a car provides you greater flexibility, freedom, and money. It makes us the best reliable  car service in Bangladesh.

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